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Coaching and Mentoring: What’s the Relationship?

In past posts I’ve looked at the difference between coaching and mentoring, why you might need a mentor and how to find a good mentor. In this post I’d like to look at the relationship between coaching and mentoring. I believe that while coaching can stand alone, mentoring requires some initial coaching with the mentee to […]

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Do you ever have feelings of not being good enough?

It’s a cold rainy day here in Mount Martha, Victoria, Australia. The wood burning stove is on and I’m watching an Aussie rules game of football on the television. How good then to get a call from a client, George, with whom I haven’t spoken to in over twelve months. George runs a very successful […]

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Who is the real you?


I remember participating in a culture session when I was part of Shirlaws, the global coaching company. The facilitator issued us with lots of paper and ask us to create a number of face masks. Each mask was to represent the different personas that we presented to the world. Everyone there seemed to have no […]

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Fear is the natural reaction when getting closer to the truth!

I’m writing this post at 35000 feet on my way from Sydney to Hamilton Island. My wife is across the aisle and I’m on my way to spend the weekend working with the management team of a new client. I will be presenting and facilitating for two days and I’m feeling excited and confident. Cast […]

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What should I speak to my mentor about?

Whilst the concept of mentoring has been around forever, the idea of having a range of Life Mentors is new. In the past we would seek guidance from the elders in our community, but today this practice is far less prevalent. Could this be because we are just expected to know about things, because technology […]

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What is the difference between a vision and a goal?

This is a great question and one that I find myself regularly discussing with my clients. First thing to say is that both concepts, at least as I define them, are essential tools in the creation of a valuable and happy life. Let’s start with vision. The best definition I’ve come across is that a […]

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