Do you ever have feelings of not being good enough?

It’s a cold rainy day here in Mount Martha, Victoria, Australia. The wood burning stove is on and I’m watching an Aussie rules game of football on the television.

How good then to get a call from a client, George, with whom I haven’t spoken to in over twelve months. George runs a very successful business selling barcode equipment, software and consultancy. I worked with him during the period that he gave up his job and launched out on his own. Initially it wasn’t easy for George, he had ambition, a big warehouse and no customers!

Did he have doubts and difficult times,  absolutely. Did he sometimes question whether he was good enough to be a CEO, to own his own business and to succeed in a competitive market? Definitely.

So why the phone call today ?

George wanted to say thank you to me for openly declaring my faith in him in front of a group of my clients. This conversation took place a number of years ago. To me it was a natural encouraging  remark, to George it was the reassurance he needed at a time when he definitely had feelings of not being good enough.

In my experience we all have two basic fears. Fear number one is that nobody likes or loves us and fear number two is that we are not good enough.

Self  doubt is healthy, it’s normal and it should fuel our desire for learning and self development.

Enter the Coach and the Mentor. These two roles are dedicated to helping you overcome any feelings of not being good enough. A  well chosen coach,  together with a range of appropriate mentors will support your journey through life.

You are good enough but that doesn’t mean you don’t need help. We can all benefit from coaching and mentoring.
So be like George and pick up the phone to your coach and your mentors. Like you, they will have the occasional feelings of not being good enough. Say thanks and tell them how they have positively impacted on your life journey.