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Coaching and Mentoring: What’s the Relationship?

In past posts I’ve looked at the difference between coaching and mentoring, why you might need a mentor and how to find a good mentor. In this post I’d like to look at the relationship between coaching and mentoring. I believe that while coaching can stand alone, mentoring requires some initial coaching with the mentee to […]

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Who is the real you?


I remember participating in a culture session when I was part of Shirlaws, the global coaching company. The facilitator issued us with lots of paper and ask us to create a number of face masks. Each mask was to represent the different personas that we presented to the world. Everyone there seemed to have no […]

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Born to Mentor or Learn to Mentor

Let me say right up front that I don’t think every person can be a good mentor. Yes you might be successful, have had a wonderful career and a long-term happy marriage. But does that mean you are capable of being an effective mentor. Not necessarily! In my experience many successful people lack self awareness. […]

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