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Where to find a good Life Mentor

I seem to hear the word mentor everywhere these days. There are numerous schemes operating within companies, many educational establishments have mentoring programs and entrepreneurs often speak about those that have mentored them along the way. But are these examples of Life Mentoring? Probably not. Yes, mentors will often stray from their core topic of […]

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What does a Life Mentor actually do?


I have often told my clients in the past that “I am not a life coach.” This was said with a fair degree of what my mother would have called “snootiness” (Dictionary Definition = Arrogance)) Surely, heavy weight business coaches like me don’t do that personal “touchy feely” stuff! However, there have been many occasions […]

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Life coach and life mentor, what’s the difference?


As the founder of LifeMentoring.com it’s probably important that I explain the difference between Life Coaching and Life Mentoring as I perceive it. After reading this, you’ll be able to decide if you need a life coach, a life mentor, or a life coach mentor. For a clear explanation of Life Coaching, where better to […]

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