Where to find a good Life Mentor

I seem to hear the word mentor everywhere these days. There are numerous schemes operating within companies, many educational establishments have mentoring programs and entrepreneurs often speak about those that have mentored them along the way.

But are these examples of Life Mentoring? Probably not. Yes, mentors will often stray from their core topic of career advancement or business advice to touch on the personal aspects of their mentees life’s journey, but is that Life Mentoring?

I’ve found that if you are looking for a more holistic version of mentoring that freely ranges across the various aspects of building a happy and fulfilling life, you may be out of luck.

This then was the genesis of the Life Mentoring concept.

I believe we are living through a time of change, unparalleled since the industrial revolution. Jobs are less secure, money is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands and technology has impacted on our ability to build meaningful relationships.

In the past it would be normal to consult with an “elder” of some sort in your community if you needed advice. This type of formal and informal support structure has all but disappeared.

At Lifementoring.com we aim to create a place where Life Mentoring can be discussed and where those in need of guidance can find an appropriate mentor.

Over time we aim to create an accreditation program for Life Mentors but in the meantime I am looking for suitably qualified individuals who can and would like to become Life Mentors. See my post on What to look for in a Life Mentor?

So if you are looking for a Life Mentor, I suggest that you review your existing network for suitable individuals. Failing that, get in touch with us at Lifementoring.com and we will endeavour to help.