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Mentor: Sheila Hamilton

As a committed and enthusiastic Independent Training Consultant, Coach and Mentor, I enable people to both, discover and uncover their talents and potential, enhance their continuing development in the “soft” skills such as communicating with, presenting to or developing and leading others and empower them to take responsibility for their actions.

I first became interested in the “behavioural aspects” of performance when teaching Mathematics, both in the UK and Australia, and was challenged to make the subject relevant to those pupils who were finding it difficult – and often being difficult in the process! On returning to Aberdeen, UK, I continued teaching and being Senior Housemistress of a Girl’s School before deciding I needed a new challenge.

I returned to College, completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Administration and passed the Institute of Personnel Management Professional exams. When asked to stay and lecture in the Behavioural Sciences, I accepted with delight. I then became involved in giving seminars to local businesses on these “softer” but essential skills. I had found my vocation!

Eventually, in 1998, I decided to set up my own Training Consultancy, T.I.P.S. (Training in InterPersonal Skills), choosing as my logo a feather quill, representing “the communication of truth and knowledge”.

My on-going goal is to maintain a high standard of delivery of the services I promote, to continue to challenge and push the boundaries of my own development , to develop more tools and insights as to the person I am, attending workshops and conferences, and, most importantly, to have fun learning from all those I meet along the way.

As a volunteer Specialist Advisor with the Prince’s Trust Youth Business Scotland, I concentrate on the self-confidence issues of these wonderfully motivated youngsters, who have met many brick walls on their journeys to succeed. I am also a Mentor with the Business Scotland Mentoring Programme.
I am happily married with a son and daughter in their mid-twenties, who keep me young and in touch with current trends and opinions. For relaxation I enjoy travelling, playing golf and just in case I have a spare few minutes, I have recently become a Network Marketing Consultant, learning some new exciting and challenging business skills.

I look forward to meeting many of you and helping you on your journey!




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Service Description Duration Cost
Meet your Life Mentor Session A single Life Mentoring session to meet your chosen Life Mentor and decide if the fit is right for you! 30 mins $100
Single Life Mentoring Session An individual Life Mentoring session with the Life Mentor of your choice, can be booked as often as you like. 60 mins $399
5 Life Mentoring Sessions A course of 5 Life Mentoring sessions with the Life Mentor of your choice! 60 mins each $1499 (25% discount)